JEE Main 2019:Best study material for self study preparation,Admit Card.

JEE Main 2019:Best study material for self study preparation,Admit Card.

With JEE Main 2019 exam in the corner with fews weeks left. Study material can make huge impact in your preparation. So if you want to score good marks,you need a good study material which is compatible with changing exam pattern.Here we at Regular Chap providing you a list of best study material  which can be beneficial to  JEE Main and Advanced 2019 Preparation and by practicing them you can get under 500 rank.

Here you can see list and link to resources provided so that you don't waste time in looking them.So enjoy the Topper's secret to JEE Main and Advanced 2019 Top rank resources.


1) 11th and 12th NCERTs :

  1. Great to start your preparation and build your basics in algebra in particular.    
  2. Sequences and Series, Permutation and combinationProbability must be prepared from NCERTs to get good marks in JEE Main 2019. As direct questions from Ncerts have been asked many times.      

2)Cengage Publication

  • It contains good amount of theory.
  •  Good book for practicing questions as it has all varieties of question types from single correct,multiple correct,subjective,integer types.It is must if you are self preparing for JEE exam.

Coordinate Geometry:-
1)Cengage Publication:

  • Again, explain all concepts of Coordinate geometry in detail and has good amount of questions.
  • This alone is sufficient for coordinate geometry.

2)S.L. Loney

  • Use it selectively.Solve questions of the topic you are weak at and struggling to remember formulas and concepts.

1)Cengage  publication.

  • Good theory,varieties of problems covered.
  • You also get Dpps to practice individual topics.

2)OR Arihant's Amit M Agarwal Series.
  • Or you can buy Arihant's series.

Vector and 3D Geometry:-
1)12th NCERT

  • Many questions in previous year papers have come directly from NCERT.
  • Solve all problems and don't forget to solve miscellaneous exercise.

2) Cengage publication

  • More than sufficient to get you top marks.


1)Amit M Agarwal

  • We find this one better than Cengage Trigonometry series book.
  • More compatible with today's JEE exam pattern questions.

2)Fundamental of Mathematics:Trigonometry by Sanjay Mishra

  • Should be solved after covering basics in particular topic.
  • As questions in JEE involve more than one concept to be applied, this book challenge your basics and concept application.

3)S.L. Loney

  • Good for strengthen your Solutions of triangles and make you feel that you are advancing in problem solving.


1)Play with Graphs

  • Must have book for solving questions faster.
  • It can help you solve trigonometric equations,calculus,coordinate geometry,functions. 


1)NCERTs(11th and 12th)

  • Study it throughly each line. Questions can directly be asked.

2) HC Verma Vol I and Vol II

  • Must have book for building your problem solving skills in physics JEE Preparation.
  • Go through the theory first and start solving Objective first and the exercise.
  • There is no solutions to problems in HC Verma.So try to solve it multiple time on your own if you are stuck an then check solutions of problem online.

3)MIT freshman Lectures by Walter Lewin 

  • Watch it even if you are pro at physics.
  • If you don't find physics interesting ,the you must watch it.
  • Check out playlist and select topic.

4)Physics Galaxy Lectures by Ashish Arora

  • If you are self preparing for JEE, then you should stop wasting further time on youtube online websites to look for physics tutorials.
  • You also get advanced problems solutions and concepts behind them.

5)BM Sharma cengage series.

  • If you solve it throughly you do not need IRODOV any more.It is more than sufficient
  • It has mistake in theory part,so should be used for practicing problems if you have covered basic theory part from above source.


Physical Chemistry


  • Solve the Ncert thoroughly to cover the basics and for JEE Main.
  • Must make notes of important examples and terms.

2)KS Verma

  • For advance and more practice

3)P Bahadur

Organic Chemistry


2)Wiley's Solomon,Fryhle and Synder

3)MS Chouhan's Advanced problems in organic chemistry

Free Web Submission

Inorganic Chemistry


2)J.D. Lee Concise inorganic chemistry.

Important part of preparation is to get use to JEE pattern,therefore you must solve previous years papers:
Here is the list of chapterwise topicwise solution to previous years papers-



With few weeks left,you should have formulas handbook for quick revision and optimise your preparation.

FOR MATHEMATICS:Arihant'sHandbook of mathematics 

FOR PHYSICS:Arihant's Handbook of Physics

FOR CHEMISTRY;Arihant's Handbook of Chemistry

Hope you take full benefit from these resouces and succeed in your  JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED

Here you can also download ADMIT CARD FOR JEE MAIN 2019 :
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If you have any doubts, feel free to post in comment section.


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